Justin to Justin by Aaron McCarthy Mar13


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Justin to Justin by Aaron McCarthy

Justin Bieber is a world-renowned pop star who has recently gone off the rails. Still many pre-teen girls like him and one older girl that liked him enough to date him was Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez is a character in “Wizards of Waverly Place” who plays alongside another Justin…this time acted by a guy called David Henrie. David also acts in “How I Met Your Mother”, playing the part of Ted Mosby‘s future son. Ted is acted by Josh Radnor and Josh grew up in Ohio. Ohio is the setting of musical TV show Glee starring Lea Michele. Lea took part in a PETA Campaign. In 2011 PETA famously slated the Super Mario games by saying that “Mario Kills Tanooki”. The Super Mario games were created by Shigeru Miyamoto and in 2006 Miyamoto was held in such regard as heroes like Mahatma Ghandi. Although he is famed for his peaceful antics, Ghandi had many enemies including Winston Churchill who believed that he had found peace in his day – shortly before the outbreak of World War Two. A key opponent in this war was the Austrian-born German man Adolf Hitler. Hitler had an intense dislike of Jews and one of the Jews who were tortured as a result was Anne Frank. Anne Frank wrote a diary which was adapted by graphic artist Ernie Colón. Ernie also worked on such projects as the comic book series The FlashDaniel Radcliffe has expressed his interest in playing The Flash in a possible film adaptation. Daniel Radcliffe plays Harry Potter whose rival Draco Malfoy is acted by Tom Felton. In November 2010 Tom made a guest appearance on The Xtra Factor and that month someone else appeared on the show, someone arguably less famous but much, much richer, a guy with a signature hairstyle and a then-unbroken voice, a guy called Justin.