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Jeezny Horrorshow

Betraying your mother

Zhang Hongbing, along with his father, denounced his mother during the Cultural Revolution in China. Some of Mao’s enforcers are now in their seventies and wish to atone for their sins. Chillingly, Zhang says denouncing a parent was de rigeur in China for a time: “The whole country was doing it.” His mother tore down Mao posters and her arrest meant certain death, Zhang admits. He’d begun to see her as a monster.

(The Guardian, Thursday, March 28th)

The Cyprus Scandal

Fintan O’Toole alluded to Renton in Trainspotting complaining that the Scottish couldn’t even find a decent country to be colonised by. He compares the Cyprus scandal to our Wizard of Oz moment, where our supposed rulers are exposed as fools. Then he likens it to the story of The Three Little Pigs, with the Southern and Western European pigs and  their flimsy homes and the Northern European pigs with their sturdy equivalent.

The Euro, he reminds us, was a German idea. German banks’ greed fed the myth that the Germans are industrious and wise while the Greeks are lazy. German banks are under investigation while our role is to take our medicine with gratitude. But people power in Cyprus prevented more stupidity. All unaccountable institutions, such as the Troika, are dangerous; the Troika is undemocratic.

(Fintan O’Toole, The Irish Times, March 26th 2013)


Amanda Knox

The Supreme Court’s role is to analyse what the Appeal Court does. However, in the case of the recent Amanda Knox ruling, the Supreme Court appears to have gone right back to the original trial’s evidence and ordered a retrial on that basis, thereby leap-frogging the Appeal Court.

The original ruling came in December 2009 when Amanda Knox and her then boyfriend Rafaelle Sollecito were both convicted of murdering Kercher. Next came the appeal case which resulted in the October 2011 ruling that Knox and Sollecito be acquitted. This latest ruling demands a retrial – in other words, overturning the Appeal Court ruling.

It is arguable whether or not there are political reasons involved. Perugia’s public prosecutor’s office as well as its police force and its forensic team were all on trial alongside Knox and Sollecito.

Another man, Rudy Guede, is serving a prison sentence for Knox’s murder. Prosecutors always maintained he couldn’t have acted alone.

(The Irish Times, March 27, 2013)

Frank, Francie, Francis

The name Frank has certain connotations: think Frank Drebbin from The Naked Gun movies; Henry Fonda’s sinister “Frank” in Once Upon a Time in the West; Frank Spencer (say no more); Frank Booth in Blue Velvet; ‘Francie’ or The Butcher Boy.

(The Irish Times, March 27, 2013)