The Woods by Harlan Coben by Osama Shammary Sep13


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The Woods by Harlan Coben by Osama Shammary

The Woods by Harlan Coban is a book of many surprises I have to say. And, without giving the plot away, has many twists and turns. In some books you have one, rarely two plot twists; this book contains at least three. The story follows not one or two storylines but three, all three of which are very engaging, saddening or shocking.

This is the kind of novel that is about uncovering the mysteries of the past. To be honest I never really liked this kind of story; the closest to mystery I read was horror, yet I enjoyed this book nonetheless. Without spoiling too much of the story here is a synopsis:

There is an incident at a camp where some teens sneaked into the woods, and some were murdered. Years later one of the supposedly dead teens turns up as a fresh corpse in a mortuary. Two of the teens in the camp that summer (now adults) start investigating separately, then investigation leads them back together. One of those two had a sister who died in the incident, so when there is hope that she is not dead, he goes hot on her trail, clinging to any hope that she is alive.

This book is an extraordinary piece of work and deserves 8/10 dancing skeletons.

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