Why World War III won’t happen…yet by Osama Shammary Sep13


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Why World War III won’t happen…yet by Osama Shammary

Recently I had many people telling me World War III will break out and here is my answer: NO, it will not. Just because some psycho threatened this, or some random dude committed suicide because he “foresaw” that, it doesn’t follow that the world will be thrown into chaos. Here are my main reasons why I don’t think it’s going to happen.

1. Russia is nowhere as strong as it used to be. Its weapons are outdated for the most part, and it is only capable of sneaky snake tactics, as shown already in Syria, where it even went as far as to send officers to Syria to train their soldiers in military tactics. Overlooking those huge reasons, I would also like to point out that Russia has no allies of use in a war.

2. The Middle East has much in-fighting and cannot summon the strength to do anything of use against anyone, plus the fact that Israel is acting as cancer, eating at them from the inside. They cannot do anything of significance against anyone since none of the countries have anything powerful, except for oil, which America will suck to the last drop like vampires before the last moment of Dawn.

3. China and North Korea are not a valid threat to America. Sure, China is a superpower and has a strong army, but it cannot compete with America in any sense. North Korea only hopes to threaten America by saying, “We know you will obliterate us, but we can take more punishment than you can.”