Open Night Writing Workshop Sep17


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Open Night Writing Workshop

What you were doing this time last year

I was in Colaiste an Spioraid Naoimh. (Sean O Toole.)


An unexpected gift

One Monday morning, my mum ran into my bedroom with an extraordinary new look on her face and handed me a parcel with a note from an anonymous person. I opened my parcel and there was a pair of gift cards for a thousand euro. I asked my mom where did you get it and she said I got it through the mail.
Set your alarm for 3 a.m., wake up, and write the first thing that comes into your mind

Why did I try to get up early?! (Ciaran Meers.)


A lie you were told

That I’m good at hurling. (John Mackey.)


How to get rich quick

Get on Winning Streak and spin the wheel! (Liam O Connor.)


Death of a journalist

It was heartbreaking to hear, my favourite journalist found lifeless in a sidestreet alley. I was devastated. Who would write the business section now and as the chief of the newspaper it was my job to find the replacement! (Tadhg O Corrain.)


Being chased by a killer

I would probably run like the wind. If it did happen I would defend myself. Haha!


Your favourite hiding place

My favourite hiding place to hide is underneath a giant tumbleweed. (Oscar O Corrain.)


Something you’d like to know about

I’d like to know was Jimmy Barry Murphy good in school? (Sean Leisk)


The way the sky looks today

Very blue with white clouds. (John)


Waking up elsewhere

I went to Dublin for New Year’s Eve. We stayed in a hotel. When I woke up I was knocking on the door outside of the hotel room and I got a fright but can laugh about it now. (Ashton O Keeffe)


Write a “bucket list” for your favourite superhero

Fight Joker

Fight Bane

Fight Two Face



Where you wish you were

I wish I was in Old Trafford and be playing professional soccer with Man Utd. It would be the premiere league final and I will hold the cup. (Charlie Neal.)
The carpenter who bought candy

A carpenter came to my house and gave me one million worth of sweets. (Shay Dineen.)


Your best birthday

My best birthday I remember was when I had a big party with all my friends attending it. We played a lot of games from football to chase and more. It was funny because I was thinking of a wish a long time. I remember I got a lot of presents. (Dorian Skweres.)


A present from my mother.

The worst present I got from my mother was clothes. (Olan Lehane.)


Your worst experience on an airplane

Having to crash land. (Ciaran Desmond.)


An hour to go

To the museum to see the dinosaur bones. (Lee)


Link two encounters from your day

I nearly got a black eye from my brother because he hit me. (Colm O Callaghan.)


Introduce your long-time imaginary

My friend called Lee  (Filip)


A recipe for beat(nik) soup 

Sweets (Kevin.)