Julian Assange by Daniel Dilworth Sep25


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Julian Assange by Daniel Dilworth

So, Julian Assange fancies himself as a politician now, does he? The man, locked up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since June last year, has declared his intention to run for the Australian senate, even going so far as to create a parody music video of his fellow Aussie John Farnham’s The Voice, which it actually compares well against. However, it is obvious he has had  too much free time on his hands.

However, in all reality, what really makes Assange think he can win a seat? Australians are gearing up to punish Labour, now led again by Kevin Rudd after the end of his farcical altercations with Julia Gillard. On the flip side, Tony Abbott’s conservative Liberal Party (see, Australian politics is a joke) looks set to gain seats and, ultimately will govern the country. While it is conceivable Assange will pull in a fine amount of votes, ultimately it is more a joke than anything else. Surely the Australians will not be in such a humour?

Will they? More bizarre stuff has happened.