Monologue: A Postcard from beyond by Conor MacCarthy Sep30


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Monologue: A Postcard from beyond by Conor MacCarthy

Been in college for a couple of weeks now. Been a lot of fun, to be honest. With a lot more free time and an inability to save money to do anything worthwhile, there have been some boring bits. There’s been a lot of good bits as well. I’ve joined several societies since starting college. My favourite is the Japanese Society, where we get to celebrate elements of Japanese culture. Obviously, I love Japanese culture (especially anime and origami) so it’s great to meet like-minded people. They’ll be having an EGM next week and hopefully I’ll be elected as the first year rep for that society. Wahey!

What else have I done? Well, I’ve dyed my hair. Finally! Everyone seems really friendly and I’ve made a lot of new friends here. Of course, when you’ve got substances down your throat it’s always a lot easier to be out-going. And the studies themselves have been unreal. We got to see a live-screening of Othello for Drama class. It was my first time at a live-screening and my first time seeing Shakespeare performed. I’m not ashamed to say that I cried at the end of it. Living in the moment.

Italian’s the easiest of languages to learn and English is, well, English. We’re studying Beowulf at the moment which is fascinating. So what’s next on the plate? Well, as I said, next week JapSoc will be having its elections. And there’ll be auditions for the play I’m directing. And who knows what the later weeks will have waiting for me. I really do think that college is my time!