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Amadáns Abroad by Cormac Larkin

This is a new series of humorous anecdotes from our resident globetrotter, Cormac. I’ll recount the things I’ve seen and heard on my travels and write them for your bemusement,  starting with this gem from when I was away at Christmas.
So I’m walking to the beach in Puerto de Mogán in Gran Canaria, and what do I see? On my way from the Marina, just next to the bridge I see an elderly man sitting on the side of the pavement with a nasal cannula and an oxygen tank beside him. Poor guy, you might think. But what was he doing while this was happening?
He was smoking a big fat Havana, that’s what! This fogey there with his emphysema and then puffing away! Like something out of Harry Hill it was! I’d say it “took my breath away” but that’s probably a bit insensitive.
That’s all for now, there’ll be a new one soon.