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Crimea by The Sasanach

What’s so bad about Russia invading Ukraine?
So, big bad Vlad is after “Putin” his lads into Ukraine. So what? Ethnically speaking, the area that’s been invaded – where his alleged “Crimeas” have occurred – is Russian. The people speak Russian, dress Russian and are always late and therefore forever Russian. Yeah I know, an invasion is a bit far but it’s not like the USA or the UK never invaded anywhere or interfered to serve their own interests; at least here it’s partly justifiable because the people they’re “invading” are Russian instead of just having lots of oil. I’d say Tony Blair is still digging for WMDs somewhere out by Fallujah.
Here we also see the media tell us that Russia is bullying Ukraine and that the Russians are bogeymen. This is inaccurate. Anyone remember the time Fox News faked an Iraqi Scud missile strike in Jerusalem on a green screen? True story. The media portray what they’re told to and not solely the Western view. Two anchors from Russia Today news channel have resigned already in protest, making them Russia Yesterday’s News. We have no real objective view in the media, just two polar opposite propaganda machines fighting each other with fearmongering and old video clips of Red Army exercises. The truth isn’t in the mainstream media; the truth is that part of Ukraine is Russian and that Crimeans should be allowed a democratic vote to assert their identity.¬†Crimea is semi-autonomous anyway so they’re entitled to decide their own future.
It is a fallacy to believe the idea of Crimeans cowering in their homes in fear of the Russians as portrayed by the Western media. It is also a fallacy to believe the Russian tales of liberation and freedom from the tyranny of Yanukovych.
There’s nothing that terribly “bad” about the invasion either. No one has been killed yet which is more than I can say for Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, Panama, Dominican Republic, Somalia and many more – all victims of US invasions. For countries like the USA, Britain and France to attempt to assume the role of moral compass in international relations they themselves must be squeaky clean. We all know this isn’t the case, from Guantanamo Bay to bombing the Rainbow Warrior. As my old dad used to say, “it’s like the kettle calling black arse to the pot,” meaning that if you do it yourself you can’t criticise others.
So that’s why Russia annexing Crimea is just like a grown-up child returning to its birth parent or a large scale family reunion, rather than the supposed amputation that the media here would have you believe.