Moon by Cian Morey May22


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Moon by Cian Morey

250,000 miles from home, the hardest thing you have to face… is yourself.

The time has come again to review and promote another obscure but excellent movie. Moon is a science fiction drama film directed by Duncan Jones, another director who made one fabulous movie and then unfortunately did nothing else.

In the year 2035 humans have had a brilliantly innovative and significant idea of mining helium-3 on the Moon to solve the oil crisis on Earth. One man – or so it seems – has been sent by Lunar Industries to oversee the whole process for three years with an artificial intelligence called GERTY as his only companion. The main drama of the film begins when Sam Bell, the overseer of the mining project, crashes his moon rover and falls unconscious. Sam later awakes in the infirmary of his moon base with no memory of the accident, but when he hears GERTY receiving instructions from Lunar Industries to stop him leaving the base, his suspicions are aroused. Sam creates a fake problem to force GERTY to allow him to leave the base and travels to the site of the crashed rover… where he finds himself, unconscious.

Despite having “borrowed” some elements from The Matrix – elements which I will refrain from revealing here so as not to spoil the movie – the plot still manages to seem quite original. In my opinion, it is almost a greater achievement for a movie to take ideas from another movie and yet retain significant originality than for a movie to create totally new, innovative ideas.

Although we’ll never really know what new ideas are going to come until they’ve appeared, I feel we are in a stage where most of the genius of the world, in terms of movie plots, has been exhausted. Over the last two or three years, cinema has become polluted with adaptations of books and reboots of old movies. We’ve nearly run out of creative oil. Therefore, I think more movies should try to put a different spin on old ideas than generate something completely unique, and I think Moon is a prime example of this theory in action.

But Moon has many more good attributes. GERTY is an ingenious invention – an AI that communicates with humans via both sound and emoticons. There is excellent chemistry between the two Sam Bells for about the last two thirds of the movie and in the first third a great atmosphere is set, partly by the film’s peculiar, haunting music. With only one human actor in the movie, there isn’t much of a competition for standout performances (however, Kevin Spacey as GERTY does give quite a good performance, despite playing a monotonous AI).

Overall, this movie is a very satisfying sci-fi psychological drama with memorable characters and a plot that borrows some of its ideas but yet manages to be at least moderately unique. Fans of science fiction and psychological movies should most definitely watch this. You will not be disappointed.