THE BANKING INQUIRY FARCE by Daniel Dilworth Jun15


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So, typical Ireland – we made a controversy out of a banking inquiry, where everyone is supposed to be united against the evil bankers! Well, that was until this week, of course, when a Labour politician failed to make it to a meeting which would nominate the Oireachtas members to sit on this inquiry.

She failed to make it, and in the end Fianna Fáil got two members on said inquiry. Fine Gael and Labour went ballistic, with Enda Kenny calling it disgraceful, and Ivana Bacik, the Labour leader in the Seanad, saying the whole thing was an “ambush” on the government, as if this was possibly comparable to the Soldiers of Destiny’s famous last ambush against the government. Kenny, in his usual style, demanded Marc MacSharry of Fianna Fáil quit the inquiry or even be removed from it. Happy days for the government, he may have thought, further threatening that the terms of reference for the inquiry wouldn’t be made available until MacSharry departed.

There was one hitch. With MacSharry’s refusal to quit, Kenny was banking on his removal. Little legal issues got in the way, such as Kenny being told MacSharry couldn’t be removed until the terms of reference were set.

So, in the end, Kenny did what any honourable and noble politician would do; he announced his intention to appoint two Oireachtas members in the government to the inquiry, thus bypassing the previous vote that had been held in the original meeting to decide the nominations for the inquiry. Tempers rose in the subsequent Seanad sitting, with opposition keen to point out that this act was reminiscent of Soviet Russia and one particularly interesting comment being that Hitler himself would’ve been “ashamed” of Kenny’s tactics.

Kenny’s nominees needed the approval of the Seanad, which can only be described as ironic when one takes into account last year’s campaign, Kenny’s pet project, to abolish this institution, a project that horribly backfired. The government nominees were voted on, and thus all was fair. Kenny had made sure ‘politics wouldn’t feature on the inquiry.’

Of course it won’t, Enda, of course it won’t….