The Simpsons: Episode 397 – “Crook and Ladder” Jun28


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The Simpsons: Episode 397 – “Crook and Ladder”

In an episode of The Simpsons, Marge receives the latest edition of her “Smothering Mothers” subscription which features an article that asks if her child may be a suckaholic: “Growing up is about giving up everything that makes you happy.” Grandpa agrees, telling Marge that the doctors are warning him off raisins.

Homer sees an ad on TV for Nappien, a sleeping pill. He, in typical fashion, jumps at the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep and incontinently ingests the philtre. Nothing. It’s a con, a sugar pill, snake oil? But no. Odd things begin to happen. He makes a domino rally with the family’s supply of videotapes. The drug elicits quotable laments like this: “Aw, I have three kids and no money! Why can’t I have no kids and three money?” Homer’s behaviour becomes even more erratic, though Bart isn’t too concerned: “Why am I sleeping when right next door is every boy’s dream: a fat, suggestible zombie dad?” There follows a zombie montage introduced Homer himself. Hilarity ensues of course. Street hooligans use him as a punchbag; he gives Milhouse a zombie haircut which comprises exclusively of a swathe of number 1 over the right ear.

Anyway, my point is obvious: like it or love it, yes, The Simpsons is genius. Take this little interplay:
Moe: “Lousy civilians…I wish I could burn ’em all!”
Mayor Quimby: “Easy there, Fire Chief Moe.”

Like so much else, it looks easy once it’s written.