CSN is 50: Poem: “The Dog” by Daniel Dilworth Nov21


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CSN is 50: Poem: “The Dog” by Daniel Dilworth

Charlie the labrador
Sat at the window day after day
His world peaceful, still and slow;
Next to the fridge is where he liked to lay
The status quo unchanged for years
But One Day it ended in revolution.

Maxwell took over the stage,
Quickly joined by Alex.
Charlie’s days of life of leisure
Ended too abrupt.

‘Caducity is gaining on you,’
Maxwell would taunt:
‘Life is always quick.’
Alex ate the labrador’s fill
And ousted him from his bed.

Slowly everything turned:
Cat, rabbit, hamster
All bowing to the pair.
Charlie, overthrown, now slandered!

Shadow of his former self.

‘Shame’ and ‘bitch’ and ‘ignorant swine;’
The cat, the rabbit and the hamster all
Uneasily joined in,
Subjected to the endless strife
Put down as the evil foe;

Charlie bowed out.
Alas, they thought they had won in the end.
The benevolence of the labrador:
Despite all his faults was demonised.
His legacy crushed, they said.