My Love for Jurassic Park by Graham Harrington Nov27


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My Love for Jurassic Park by Graham Harrington

It was with great delight and excitement that I watched the new Jurassic World trailer. I’ve loved Jurassic Park since before I was old enough to pronounce the names of my favourite dinos. I remember going to see Jurassic Park III with my family when I was about 6 or 7. My dad, thinking I would be frightened, told me we were going to see Doctor Dolittle. Despite his worrying, I ended up being entranced by the film. This started off a life-long enjoyment of the film series. I must have seen the three movies about ten times each – no exaggeration – whether it was the scene in the first movie when the T-Rex attacks the Velociraptors in a Des Ex Machina moment or the scene in the sequel when the T-Rex rampages through San Diego or the part in the third film when the T- Rex (You can guess what my favourite dinosaur is) duels with the Spinosaurus.

Unsurprisingly, I wanted to be a paleontologist when I was younger. The idea of digging up dino bones and researching species was my life dream rather than to be a fireman or anything like that. I had an ecclectic collection of books, manuals and magazines on anything related to dinosaurs. Sadly, my interest declined over the years. Thankfully, my interest in the Jurassic Park series never waned.

Jurasssic Park is definitely a big part of my childhood and instrumental in forming me as a person. This might be a bit odd to say about a film without a deep message or comprehensive story; although, to be fair, the first film did give a lesson on the potential consequences of man trying to play God.

After watching the trailer for the new installment (five times so far), I must say I still feel the same way about the series. Despite the annoying fact that I’ll be doing my Leaving Cert when Jurassic World hits, I still can’t wait for June 12. While everyone else in my year will be running out of the exam hall and going out drinking ,I’ll be looking forward to getting my cinema ticket.

That’s how much Jurassic Park means to me, regardless of whether I’m 8 or 18. I only hope my kids will feel the same way about the series as I do. Then again, they could hate it: life is funny like that. I’m confident though….

Life,life finds a way…..