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Bad TV

There’s an ad for RTE out at the moment. Four young, clean-limbed, reasonable, middle-class, college-educated lads are sitting together watching a TV screen. You can’t see what’s on but the lads are having the craic. They’re extremely pleased with the fare. One of them even uses the phrase “gone through the roof” in his effort to convince us that RTE is great. Then they all laugh again, heartily, some more heartily than others. I wonder if the likely lads are thinking of “Winning Streak” as they ruminate on the fabulousness of it all.

“Winning Streak” always features old people. I’ve nothing against old people, you understand. They’re always old. They buy lots of lotto tickets. This is a perfect show for old people because all they have to do for money is choose a number from 1 to 5. That’s not quite true. Now and again they are asked to press a button that sits atop a kind of pedestal well within arm’s reach. They like being asked to do simple things for money. It’s only fair. Their arthritis won’t allow anything more challenging. But wait…it’s not so easy. They need to consult their families in the audience. They can’t decide which of the numbers 1 to 5 they want. Ooh, it’s so agonising; what if they pick 3 and it turns out to be 2 or 4 behind that yoke that turns? That would be maddening. So close! But it’s okay. Ask the family… because with three or more people on the case, you’ve a much better chance of guessing that elusive number. Phew, glad we brought the family now.

You stick it out ( it moves at a blistering pace) and you might get to spin the wheel. You have to spin it hard enough for it to turn through three full revolutions. But they mostly manage it. You’re guaranteed at least 10,000 or something like that. Confetti comes down if you win the quarter million. Imagine all the bingo you could enjoy with that!