Partition of the Soul by Luke Dilworth Aug08


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Partition of the Soul by Luke Dilworth

Living side by side for centuries until two worlds diverge at a centrepoint,

Eyes fixed on our Berlin, our Cyprus, our Jerusalem,

David’s lies and James’ determination drove scores over the edge,

From bogside battles to attempted stormings on Crumlin Road


Second-class citizens in a place only up the road from a majority,

Gerrymandering was the order of the day,

Devlin’s entry into Stormont was destined to doom,

An unwillingness to throw in the towel to subserviance led them to war,


Brothers killing brothers became the common sight on the evening news,

The colours were as bright as was the blood lost led us to that eventful Sunday,

The day that innocence died and British credibility,

Brutal sectarian violence kept hold until our Lord’s holy day


But lest it be forgotten that at night’s end only one track can be forged and that is of the Soul.