Open Night 2016 Sep22


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Open Night 2016

The end of the world

The Apocalypse (anonymous)

I was walking down an alley at the side road to my school when I saw something, a flashing green light. I walked up to it. It was what looked like a mine bomb. It was labelled “The End of the World”. (Ross McCarthy)


Your dream vacation

My dream vacation is to go to Africa so I can see the wildlife and safari parks. (Ryan Durkan)

My dream vacation is to go to Hawaii and go to all the beaches, go swimming and go to a hotel. (Kate)


A lie you told and got away with

I broke my brush at home and I hid it under the shed and I got away with it for a week. 🙂 Ha. Ha. Ha. (Leah Durkan.)

My name is Billy. (Niall)


Describe one of your bad habits and why you secretly get joy out of it

Biting my nails (anonymous)


What’s the stupidest thing you used to believe whole-heartedly?

I used to believe that I had two imaginary friends called Kevin and Arnold who lived in Mexico. (Luke Cremin)

I thought in 3rd class that I had too much homework.  (Brendan Mee)


Explain the off-side rule

If you are behind the last defender when the ball is played then you are off-side. (David Byrne)


The glow of success

I like this school but more importantly…

Messi is the best player in the world. He has won five ‘Ballon d’Ors.’ He is better than Ronaldo. (Troyo Romith)


That snappy reply I never had a chance to say

I think golf is stupid; it’s up there with the ‘Ban the Wheel’ campaign!


My hopes for the future

A happy life, a good education and an Olympics athletics gold medal. (Timmy Hawkins)


A scene that takes place in the extreme cold

Barry: Brrrrrrhhhhhh!

Ted: I know yeah.

Mike: Chalk it down.


Write an ode to an onion


Thou globe

Of dizzying circles

Thou sphere

Of noxious fumes

Thou orb

Of tear-inducing venom

Why O Why,

Thou foulest


Why O Why

Do you exist?



Write (another) ode to an onion

I love your layers. You smell so nice. Mmmm! You go well with everything except ice-cream but I love you anyhow!


What broke your heart

Nothing at all. (Zack)


Waking up elsewhere

Waking up in a museum… AHHHHHHH CRAZY NIGHT (anonymous)


Describe the face of someone you love

The first thing you notice are the eyes, which are big and bright like lightbulbs. There is a sleek nose between them which looks like it has been chiselled out of marble. Underneath there is the constant smirk, the thin lips, red as rubies. The cheekbones are clear, standing proud. The contour of the chin could slice a carrot. The hairline, sweeping back like flowers in a breeze. It is the most beautiful face known to man. And best of all, it’s in my mirror.


Explain “homework”



The best dream of your life

I was bouncing on giant marshmallows and then I ate them and then I fell out of bed and it was sore.



Yum yum yum yum yum YUM!!!!!!!




An end is also a beginning. (Except when it’s not.)