From Jack to Jack by Jack Kelleher Dec02


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From Jack to Jack by Jack Kelleher

Dear Jack (age 18)

I want to be ready to go to college to study business technology. When I am eighteen, technology will be an even bigger part of everyday life than it is now.  When I finish my degree, I want to progress to an M.B.A.

Then I would love to venture into the vast open world out there, and set up my company here in Ireland and eventually go global.  I would then become a millionaire. I suspect you may not believe me but you will see.

I read a great quote from Eric Thomas:

“When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe then you will be successful.”

If I was given a magic wand I would make it much easier and more accessible for people with these so-called learning difficulties to access assistive technology. I do not like to categorise people in such a way; I like to refer to them as people who have a different style of learning. I would also provide courses to help people to use this technology. This will allow people who learn differently to reach their potential.

Yes, people might say, “Why don’t you just take away their learning difficulty?” but if we were all the same we would get nowhere in life.  

From Jack Kelleher (aged 12)