Dishonoured 2 by Jakub Zancewicz Dec12


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Dishonoured 2 by Jakub Zancewicz

Dishonored 2 is a stealth genre video game made by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released on the 11th of November 2016 on ps4 Xbox 1 and PC.
Dishonored 2 has many great attributes. A single mission can be played in a multitude of ways.
Do you want to be seen by every guard in the city, running in with your sword and pistol, eliminating everyone in your way? or maybe you’d prefer to sneak around not making a sound and escaping the guard patrols’ attentin?. Don’t worry if you have to move somewhere where guards are looking around; you can get rid of them by using a Tyvian choke hold which is just a fancy way of saying that you can choke your enemies to put them to sleep. Finally, the best part of the gameplay – the exploration and arsenal.
As a stealthy assassin you possess many useful gadgets to aid you in your missions. Your sword is your primary weapon. You have a pistol but only use it when you are in a critical situation or else all the enemies will descend upon you. Your crossbow fires many types of darts from the weak and regular crossbow bolt to the powerful and dangerous incendiary dart that burns enemies. If you are trying not to kill your opponents you can use a sleep dart.
Dishonored 2 is unique in that the protagonist has special powers that helps him in difficult situations. There are two characters to choose from when playing Dishonoured 2 and each of them has a different set of abilities and powers. Emily Kaldwin has a more passive set of powers, meaning that her abilities are non-harmful but that doesn’t mean she isn’t dangerous. Corvo Attano is a more lethal character which makes him perfect for players who don’t mind killing their enemies.
The game is set in a beautiful yet dangerous city, Karnaca. The city’s architecture is made up of Greek and Italian-style buildings and the environment includes huge hills, sandy beaches and a Mediterranean climate. Overall, I would recommend the game to anyone who likes stealth games and vast, explorative games.