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Dear readers, whoever and wherever you may be,

It is one of the eternal curiosities about the Irish people that they always seem to be trying to get as far away as possible from their homeland. I like to think that our population here in the Emerald Isle has been perhaps genetically instilled with some great fascination, some powerful drive to travel the world and broaden their horizons in foreign cultures, and maybe even spread their own meagre wisdom. In the words of one of the twentieth century’s foremost philosophers, explorers and leading fictional characters, James T. Kirk, it is and has always been the destiny of the Irish to “seek out new life and new civilisations, to boldy go where no man has gone before”. There are Irish pubs in every major city, there is Irish literature on every good bookshelf, and there is an Irish twig of dubious authenticity on every good American President’s family tree. We have set forth in force in these last few centuries and we have just about conquered the world.

Or maybe it’s just that we all really hate the rain here, which is as good a motive as any for getting the hell out.

For whatever reason, we tend to find ourselves sprinkled across the globe as though God accidentally spilled us like coffee on his blueprints when he was putting together the Earth. Another talent of the Irish, apart from running away from Ireland, is writing. It is only natural then, in between booking the next sunshine holiday and experimenting valiantly with the local alcohol of whatever region we’ve thrown ourselves into, to attempt to combine our two natural gifts and produce some actual, legible “travel writing”. It may not be the most popular corner of the literary market but it is a corner with a strong presence nonetheless, and here at CloudofThink we have a happy history of bringing our contributors’ amblings and ramblings to the public eye.

This, then, is a pre-amble, in many senses of the word, to a new series of travel accounts which shall appear daily over the next week, continuing the tradition of the website’s “Amadáns Abroad” section first started by the esteemed Mr Cormac Larkin way back in 2014, who amused us all with his bite-sized records of the baffling and the bizarre from around the world. Mr Larkin has sadly left the school by now, jetting to Germany at the start of the summer to engage in such leisurely pursuits as eating schnitzels and building a massive planetarium. I have not asked his permission to resurrect his travel writing series but, then again, he didn’t ask anyone if they wanted him to start it, and he seems to have got away with it anyway. (About 2000km away, to be precise, in Munich.) I hope to do justice to his work – which really shouldn’t be too difficult – and it is only fitting and poetic, in a way, that I should relaunch “Amadáns Abroad” with a series of my adventures in Germany, before he accidentally blows up the country with a Hadron Collider.


Enjoy, if you can,

Cian Morey, 2017