Open Night 2017 Sep21


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Open Night 2017


something more you’d like to know about

“History.”           (Jason Foley)

                                                          Imagine yourself being eight years old. what would you tell yourself.

“Be nice to people.”

“I’m eight years old” (Hugh)

                                                                                  what’s the worst nightmare you  remember.

“Vegetables.”           (Michael Buckley)

something more you’d like to know about


last thing you’d want to do in life 

“Jump off the Empire State building!”    (Gene)

                                                                       what you ate for breakfast


“I ate cornflakes”

                                                                             your best birthday

“2014 when I got a trampoline.”                (Gavin)

your favourite hiding spot

“Under with the blanket covering the sides.”    (Liam Cassidy)

                                                                           the way the sky looks  today

“Blue with some cloud.”

                                  Your worst experience on a aeroplane


                                                 Your favourite hiding place

“My favourite hiding  place is under my bed.”

                           Imagine yourself at age eighty. What would you tell yourself?

“I shouldn’t have bothered really but what choice did I have?” (Horace McBurn.)


                                                                                A present from my mother.

“My life.” (Michael Brown.)

                                     Describe nearly drowning.

Flailing about, screaming for help, taking mouthfuls of water.



The car your father drove

Lambo (Darragh)

One with wheels.

What were you doing this time last year

I was at this open night.

I was here.

Who wrote the Book of Love?  Why?, and what’s in it?


Write about a song.

“Hello darkness my old friend”

The last thing you’d want to do.

“Accept Capitalism.” (David Cronin)

“Jump of the Empire Estate Building” (Gene)

Your most treasured photograph.

“My brother falling”

Set your alarm to,wake up,and write the first thing that comes to your mind.

“I need to go back to sleep”