The Unwanted: Chapter One Nov23


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The Unwanted: Chapter One

Childhood troubles

 It was a cold summer’s night. The moonlight was glistening peacefully over the sea in Blackthorn City. The wind howled, knocking bins on to the streets with a thud; fallen branches blocked lanes on the road. One lane led to the now ruined Lakewood. Birds were nowhere to be seen though they were usually chirping in Blackthorn City.

Naomi, a seven-year-old girl young girl was walking with her parents along the quiet road when she heard a gentle whisper in the blackened night causing her curiosity to spike for a few seconds before her father, who wore his marine army suit, called her, his voice raspy. He was a general in the army; two medals hung from his neck. He walked on the stony wet pavements with his clunky black boots.

Another whisper attracted the little girl. This time she followed it. Her father and mother followed, running past the forest. Naomi’s mother was forbidden from entering. As she entered the forest the whisper sounded like her father, making her believe he was lost in the forest. Her father heard a loud cry which sounded like his daughter Naomi. When he entered,  a gloved hand which was as dark as the night sky, covered his mouth. He didn’t know until it was too late.

His wife spotted her him dangling off a tree with the branch running through his head. As she let out a cry for help she felt a gloved hand cover her mouth and a moment dropped to the floor, her neck snapped. Naomi wandered through the forest, stricken with a terrific fear. A dagger slashed at her ankle. She fell to the ground and, kicking and crying, she was dragged off into the depths of the forest.

The next day was the last day of school which meant the students stared at the big white clock on the left-hand side of the classroom counting down the minutes.

“Thank you very much, students, for the amazing year and remember to be careful as there was a murder last night,” said Mr. Smith. The bell rung throughout the building and the children rushed out into the pale sun.

Ben Lenaghan was fourteen. He wore his dark black hair cut very short and his hazel-brown eyes were furtive. His white t-shirt had the number nineteen-seventy-eight in grey emblazoned on its front. He also wore dark blue jeans and blue sneakers with green lines on the sides. Ben was skeleton-thin and light-hearted despite his troubled life.

Stepping through the narrow frame of the door, he felt a strong hand catch him by the arm. Ben turned around to face Darren Lynch who grinned his cynical smile, his yellow teeth were fearful. “What do you want”? Ben asked. “Does he need to be taught a lesson, lads”? asked Darren as two other students emerged from the coat racks. They were Xander Hurley, who had the weaker mind of the three, and  Hugh Anderson.

Ben was grabbed from behind before he could react and was dragged to the schoolyard so the teachers wouldn’t see them. Xander punched his back continuously while Hugh kicked his ankle. Ben let out an agonised scream of impotent frustration and, to shut him up, Darren punched him in the throat. Ben tried to shout out for help but didn’t have enough air. His best friend Thomas Twomey spotted Ben and ran to his aid but was easily tripped and fell heavily to the ground. Xander kicked him mercilessly while Hugh held Ben down so he couldn’t escape. Darren held a pocket knife and placed it against his throat.

“You won’t wake up this time” Darren said,  in a chilling voice. “Thomas go now,” said Ben just managing to gain enough air. “I’m not leaving you Ben,” Thomas replied as Xander punched his face. “Which one of you unwanted kids will drop dead first?” Darren asked venomously. Darren was surely about to slit Ben’s throat when Mrs. Cooper came upon the scene and roared at the bullies. As they ran, Darren said, “Next time I will kill you and anyone who tries to save your ass.” Ben helped Thomas up and thanked him for trying to help. Mrs Cooper was struck by the evil way Darren had threatened the boy’s lives and suggested they call the police but instead the two of them headed home, dejected and shaken It was another near-death experience which left Ben terrified.

When Ben arrived home, he locked himself in his bedroom like he did every day ever since his father mysteriously left him when he was six years old. He found a letter from his father when he was seven, but his mother Agnes snatched it out of his hands saying, “He’s never coming back and anything that belongs to him is hereby forbidden from this house.” Ben still didn’t know what happened to him as his mother never speaks of him.

Agnes remarried a year after her dreadful divorce which hurt Ben even more, not because she replaced his father that fast, but she replaced him without regret. Ben spent eight years in his room avoiding his mother, his new stepfather and his fifteen-year-old stepsister, Clara Williams. Ben refused to adopt the name Williams but his mother wore it with pride.