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Open Night 2018

1.  Go ahead, judge a book by its cover. What does it look like?

It’s got an elephant on it and he’s jumping in the air only he’s wearing pyjamas and he’s got a cigar in his mouth. There’s a lot of yellow behind him and you think first it’s the sun but it’s actually an enormous orange and it’s rolling toward him and the book is called Get Out! Get Out Now!

2. You’re having lunch with a friend. Your friend gets a call in the middle of the meal. Write down your friends part of the conversation.

Yes I gladly go with you there is a brilliant movie in! Yo’ll go That’s great I’ll look forward to seeing you at eight. see ya there!

3. The general manager of the New York Yankees’ personal to do list


4. Write a bucket list for your favourite superhero





(optional) run

5. Describe an eccentric person in action.

Mr. Wilson threw a basketball at my cat then splashed me with holy water and mooed at me. He then proceeded to yell a story about Jesus fighting Donald Trump.

6. Write an ode to an onion.

Oh dearest onion,

You are so fun-ion,

You have many layers,

Not that I care!