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Jeezny Horrorshow

Legal matters

Actus reus is loosely defined as the physical act of a crime including its consequences. A simple example would be the act of hitting another in the face and the results of said action such as blood flowing from the nose. The actus reus can further be divided into “result” offences and “conduct” offences. The former, to be proved, require a demonstration of the results of an act, say a dead body as a result of a gunshot wound; the latter requires proof only of the conduct rather than the immediate result. Perjury for instance needs no demonstration of a result since the act of perjury alone is proof of the crime.

(From Irish Criminal Law by Conor Hanly)

Seeds and eggs

Insect eggs come in all shapes and sizes. They are as varied as the insects they promise to become and the places they are deposited. The egg of the Julia helioconian butterfly is generally spherical, almost. However, its outer surface is comprised of concave patches vaguely squarish in shape, all of them separated by white spines.

(National Geographic, September 2010)

Il Duce

Mussolini’s office in the Mappa Mundi was so big that visitors were required to run to reach his desk. He was involved in the murder of Giacomo Matteotti in 1924. He was said to have had “extravagant longings” and portrayed himself as a kind of infallible genius with a streak of the devine, capable of performing miracles such as saving towns from volcanoes .


Siddhartha Mukherjee, an oncologist and award-winning author, argues that cancer is such a concern today because it wasn’t taken seriously enough in the past. The National Cancer Institute was set up in America in 1937 but the war with Nazism and the Japanese scuppered much of its potential. Were it not for the work of a small number of dedicated cancer researchers like Lucy Wills and George Minot, things could be even worse than they are now. But had you ever heard of these people before today?